examples of my artwork

Field watercolor painting from Carrizo Creek overlook (Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, CA), created for Incendiary Traces.
Field watercolor painting of stratigraphy in the Murky formation on Et-then Island, NWT.
“Westward Longshore Sediment Transport”, a series of watercolor studies based on Little Ambergris Cay, TCI field site. 
San Francisco, CA.
San Gabriel Mountains, CA.
San Gabriel Mountains, CA.
Southern California coast.
Point Reyes, CA.
Willow-Witt Ranch, OR.
Mt. Shasta, CA.
Calama, Chile.
Miscellaneous tiny paintings.
Collected watercolor Cyanobacteria & algae.
California garden flowers.
2 meter high mural painted on my grandmother’s house in India.
Cover graphic for an article on renaming Caltech buildings that commemorate eugenicists, created for Caltech Letters.
Cover graphic for an article on artificial photosynthesis, created for Caltech Letters.
Diagrams of the biogeochemical manganese cycle, today vs. 2.5 billion years ago. Created as publication figures.
Infographic on photosystem II, created while studying for my PhD qualifying exam.
21 watercolor suns painted on the eve of my PhD thesis deadline.